New Service

Polishing of all kinds of plexiglass.

With this new service Les Magiciens du pare-brise can refurbish all kinds of plexiglass and plastic tarnished or damaged by the sun or cleaning products, which are found in several vehicles such as, on-board computer, window of your dashboard even your TV screens and touch screen.

See BEFORE-AFTER repairs!

Our Services

  1. A complete written expertise to ensure an exact estimate of your needs.
  2. Repairs efficiently made by professional technicians trained by LES MAGICIENS DU PARE-BRISE, based on 30 years of outstanding windshield restoration services.
  3. Glass polishing.
  4. LIFETIME WARRANTY for repairs transferable to second hand car dealers.
  5. Efficient customer service.
  6. Unbeatable prices.
  7. Regular feedback on estimates.
  8. Mobile service